The Angus Black Project was born in Detroit, and survived! Inspired by Detroit's rock legends, and raised on a diet of rusty cars and stray bullets. This is Rock. Not alternative, not modern, net emo, not classic. Just Rock.

In your face? Maybe. What you hear is what you get. The sound is not over-mixed, over-dubbed, or over-processed. It probably could have been made perfect, but why? This is from Detroit. It is recorded the way it was played, with subtle colors and nuances that give the music character, not an unnatural robotic tone.

And the best thing: when you hear The Angus Black Project live, you can expect the sound to be what you heard on the album, and better. If you heard Kiss at Olympia in the 70s, or Judas Priest at the Joe in the 80s, you know what I mean.

There are no studio sound effects or processes that can not be reproduced live. So unlike so many of today's bands, bands that can not produce live what they made in the studio.

Natural, unprocessed, unadulterated Rock. Made in Detroit.
The first single, 'You Can't Stop Me', is now available.

50 cents from each mp3 purchased at  Highlander Records will go to Operation Homefront








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